Worthy Of Love - Sista Mary

September 06 2016 – Ana Caruso

Worthy Of Love - Sista Mary

Worthy Of Love - Sista Mary

In Los Angeles alone, nearly '254,000 people become homeless at some point in the year' and of those people, between '5,000 - 10,000 are teens and young children'[1].  These findings are an unfortunate and shocking part of daily life. With this grim reality, it is easy for those facing this situation to forget their place in the world. Like a shining light of hope, Mandie Davis, or better known to the community as Sista Mary, is bringing smiles to the children of Downtown Los Angeles's Skid Row District. 


 Sista Mary created Worthy of Love to celebrate life and love for each of the children staying at the Union Rescue Mission. Once a month, she and a group of volunteers spend the day organizing a special birthday party for all the children celebrating birthdays that particular month. The day is filled with fun activities, music, dancing, birthday cakes, and party gifts. "I think every child should celebrate their birthday. They should know how important their life is and that they are loved", says Sista Mary.  


We often consume our days with our own thoughts and worries, we tend to forget how much need these communities are in. We are thrilled to present Mandie Davis as our first official "Woman of the Week".  She has made it her mission to unite the community and restore hope and faith into the lives of many children.  We are so happy to have been able to donate to this incredible organization and look forward to continuing to see Worthy of Love thrive! 


Learn how you can help by visiting www.worthyoflove.net





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