Behind The Scenes: Ladies of Stretch Is Comfort

August 19 2016 – Ana Caruso

Behind The Scenes: Ladies of Stretch Is Comfort

Behind The Scenes: Ladies of Stretch Is Comfort

We'd like to start off by introducing ourselves as the ladies behind the brand ! From left to right, Ana is the owner of Stretch Is Comfort. In the middle is Natally, our production assistant, and on the right is Brittny, our customer service agent! Of course we have men on our team too...but this blog will feature our women!

Ana started the company by selling things on Ebay from her home.  She wanted a flexible schedule that allowed her to be with her new baby while still making some money.  Slowly the business grew and it has turned into a brand that focuses on comfort while still providing a feminine touch.  Ana had a difficult time finding "mom clothes".  She found herself with no time to shop, but needing clothes that were easy to throw on, and easy to wash while not looking like pajamas.  
We created this blog segment "Woman of the Week" to embrace and uplift women in different communities and around the world who are making a difference! As a female business owner, Ana values the importance of women and their roles in all aspects of life.  



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