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May 21 2019 – Alana Pinon

Our Services

Our Services

Take a Look at Some of the Custom Pieces We Have Created for Our Customers. What we did for them we can also do for you! Contact us via email or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. You can also place an order by filling out our Teamwear form under the Teamwear tab on our home page. You just want blanks? We can help you out also! 

Cheer 360
Take a look at the variety of items we have custom made for Cheer 360. We’ve done silk screening t-shirts, vinyl logos, and rhinestone decor for their Cheer 360 attire.
A Step Above
Here’s a custom piece of our performance Jacket with A Step Above’s Logo. We silk Screened the logo with a water color background featuring four different colors! Added a custom Silk Screen cotton racerback to pair it up with the jacket.
Our customer wanted a logo that would be appealing to boy's so, our graphic designer helped out by creating this Vinyl Logo to use on the Boy’s Jackets and Shirts.

We used Glitter Vinyl and added Lead-Free Crystals for a custom made Ice-Plex warm up jacket to make it POP! ( Left)
We also did a separate custom jacket using only Glitter Vinyl (Right)

Howard Wood Elementary
We donated screen-printed class shirts for Howard Wood Elementary.
With the graduating year containing each kid’s name.
South Bay Futsal Club
Did sublimated artwork for this custom Soccer Jersey and vinyled the team player’s name and number on the back.
Toque Futsal
Custom team order for Toque Futsal featuring our performance jacket with the teams logo on the back and player name on the front. Dri-tex Sport Tee with logo on front and a customized sports drawstring backpack with the logo and name of player.

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