Mommy's Little Dancer

August 19 2016 – Ana Caruso

Mommy's Little Dancer

Mommy's Little Dancer

As Summer comes to an end, we are approaching the ever so exciting season called Fall! It's time for your little girls to go back to school! And with the new school year is the excitement of new classes and new recitals! Enjoy the memories of your child's dance practice classes and recitals without the hassle of finding her the right attire!


Your little dancer will sparkle in the spotlight with our Live Love Dance Jacket. It's the perfect zip up jacket for any dance ensemble!













 We know how much girls love sparkly things, so we keep it shining with our Spotlight Boy Cut Shorts. The rhinestone accents give these shorts just the right amount of "ooh lala"!    














Finally, her dance outfit is complete with a leotard, cute dance shoes, and a pretty little tote bag to carry it all!

Send her off with best wishes! She couldn't have done it without you! 



Photo Credit: Erika Frances Photography

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