Natalie Hampton - Sit With Us

April 10 2019 – Alana Pinon

Natalie Hampton - Sit With Us

Natalie Hampton - Sit With Us

This week's "Woman of the Week" is a teenage girl with a big heart and an important purpose.  Her experience in middle school is one that is so relevant to many of us. 


While a student in 7th and 8th grade, Natalie Hampton, of Sherman Oaks, recalls the excruciating feeling of anxiety and embarrassment of having to eat lunch alone. Bullied relentlessly, she suffered from rejection among her peers.  Upon switching schools, she made it a mission that no student should ever eat alone. 

Now at 16, she has developed an app called "Sit With Us", to encourage students to include any peers feeling left out at lunch time.  With the app, a student can log in anonymously and see if other students are hosting a lunch meetup, which they then can join.  Students can even become ambassadors of their schools, allowing them to organize open lunches for anyone to join.  

Making friends in school is a breeze for many, but for some it is a stressful life experience. Natalie is giving power and a voice for those who are often left silenced. We need more people like Natalie in our world who make the effort to reach out to those who cannot express their need for help.  We wish Natalie much success with her app and hope that it gains momentum in schools across America to help put an end to bullying.  In honor of October National Bullying Prevention Month, talk to your kids about the importance of acceptance and kindness for others. 


To download or read more on the Sit With Us App, visit the App Store here or visit the website here



Blog info source: Huffington Post



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